Welcome to
the Temple Historical Society

Please watch Facebook for notes about upcoming Historical Society meetings and events! Be sure to see us at the Temple Harvest Festival on September 24th!

Capital Campaign:

In September 2013, more than fifty people used the newly cleared right-of-way to visit the revitalized historic Temple Glassworks, with signage identifying the oven, the workers' cabins, and other key features. Dr. David Starbuck, co-director of the 1970s archaeological excavations at the site, reminded listeners of Temple's crucial place in the history of American glassmaking. Following his talk, visitors enjoyed a hands-on "mini-dig."

In addition to the Glassworks, the Historical Society is the steward of School House No. 6. We possess many rare documents and other priceless objects connected with Temple's history -- including a valuable oil portrait of General James Miller, The Hero of Lundy's Lane. Our collection of Temple glass is unmatched at any public institution.

Stewardship of these irreplaceable artifacts entails numerous ongoing obligations -- maintenance of the glassworks site; insurance and upkeep of the schoolhouse; educational programs; maintenance and display of the Collections. Each of these responsibilities requires annual expenditures. While members' dues cover basic yearly expenses, they provide no surety for the future.

For years, too many of these relics have been stored in the unheated, perilously insecure schoolhouse, and others have been scattered among several locations. Temple's treasures need secure and enduring storage. Accordingly, the Board of Directors has placed the most valuable, and the most perishable, artifacts in a safe, climate-controlled storage unit nearby.

The need for a permanent home has become urgent.
We dream of acquiring secure, climate-controlled quarters for Temple's treasures, making them accessible to all, today and for all time.

To launch our fundraising, the Board has established the Priscilla Weston Capital Fund, honoring our Curator's 50-year service to the Society and to the Town. We need your help in getting Phase One of the fundraising off to a strong start.

The Society's Collections are Temple's heritage --
and that of generations to come!

Please donate. The Temple Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation under the Internal Revenue Code, and gifts and donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.